We couldn’t run our programmes without our volunteer helpers. We have high expectations for our helpers, because we consider helping on an Upcott Week to be a privilege and a high calling. You will be supervising the young people, as well as preparing teaching and other activities. As the age range of the group increases, the need for practical supervision becomes less, therefore a helper’s role becomes more one of spiritual support and facilitating the involvement of the young people.

In line with our overall vision of working within a family model, helpers should consider their long term relationships with the young people on the week(s) they help with. This can mean being committed to maintaining contact throughout the year and choosing to be a helper with the same people as they grow up through the weeks.

If you’re 17 or over you can help on Overflow. For Involve you have to be 21 or over and for Ignite 24 or over.

Helpers are asked to contribute towards their board and there is a booking fee of £50 per week.

If you would like more information about becoming a helper email team@upcott.org or you can start the application process by filling in our Helper’s Application Form (docx).