The Upcott Team

Andrew Palmer :

Andrew Palmer

Andrew heads up the Upcott team. He has been involved with the work of the trust for over 35 years and took over the leadership of Upcott in 2001.

Hannah Pavey :

Hannah Pavey

Hannah has been working for Upcott since November 2021. She has been involved with the work of Upcott since she was a young person attending Upcott weeks and helping as an adult. Her dad was on the first ever Upcott week in Seaton and most of her wider family have been involved with Upcott through the years.


Jann Thorpe :

Jann Thorpe

Jann is an education support worker at a charity for adults with learning difficulties. She is one of the original 5 people who came to the very first Upcott week in its first year of opening. She is married to Mike and they have three wonderful children and two gorgeous granddaughters. Together they attend a growing church in Macclesfield, where Jann is also the parish coordinator.

Ruth Pavey :

Ruth Pavey

Ruth was introduced to Upcott by her husband, and helped on her first week in 2016 - she hasn't been able to keep away since! She is a physics teacher by training and lives in the Midlands.

Alex Wilson : Trustee

Alex Wilson

Alex has been a Christian since 1985 having been converted through the work of Upcott. She is a trusts fundraiser for Church Army and lives in Seaton, Devon.