The vision of the Axe Valley Christian Trust is to encourage and facilitate young people to discover and pursue God’s best for their lives.

The Bible teaches us that God has a plan for every individual life which is the best and should be pursued wholeheartedly and lived with excellence. We see God’s best being centred in relationships both with Him and other people that are open, deep and long lasting; best characterised by the term “family”. We also believe that young people are uniquely placed to establish God’s best as a way of life.

For us, Jesus’ model of discipleship through sharing life is the key. We want to pursue and demonstrate God’s best in every aspect of life and disciple others, primarily young people, to do the same. We want whatever goes on at Upcott to fully reflect this vision.

Our Values

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance, and share their values, which you can read here.