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Our 40th anniversary

header013In September 2009 we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of John Perowne purchasing Upcott in Seaton and providing it to Jeannie Rookley and Elieen Bell in September 1968, fulfilling the vision God had given them to have a house by the sea for young people. We are so thankful to God for all the blessings God has poured upon the work over these 40 years, and it has certainly been an important place for so many people. To mark this special occasion, we held an Open Weekend and have launched several projects to commemorate and celebrate the last 40 years…

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, from every decade of Upcott’s ministry, at our Open Weekend in September. About 150 people visited over the two days, including many of Upcott’s past Team members.

On the Saturday, two commemorative plaques were unveiled by Dick and Eileen Bell, in memory of John Perowne and Jeannie Rookley. Visitors enjoyed spending time with old friends, walking around the property and grounds, as well as looking at a timeline of photographs and newsletters from the last 40 years. The weekend was certainly a testament to God’s goodness and countless blessings over the years.

During the weekend, we had a silent auction for the Room Name signs that came from Upcott in Seaton. Thank you to all who placed bids. Those with the winning bids have all now been contacted, and we have raised £1307.33.


An extract from the first Upcott Newsletter, written by Upcott’s founders, Elieen Bell and Jeannie Rookley, in January 1969:

“Thank you very much for showing interest in the work here at ‘Upcott’. Your response to our letter has been one of many sources of encouragement.

Since moving in we have felt rather like a ship blown before the wind. God has led us forward and been completely in control – our part was just to put the sails up.

The result has been a very thrilling and worthwhile beginning. Without doubt we can both honestly say ‘This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes’.”